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Eugene Bussey AKA DJ Buzz of The Mighty 3

As a founding member of The Mighty Three Disco Crew,... Man!!! If I knew back then what I know now, so much Hip Hop history I witnessed 1st hand during the evolution of Hip Hop but scarcely have any photos to show. Played the promo copy of Jimmy Spicer "Super Rhymes" at Club Ecstacy, played the 1st rap record of the Hip Hop era released publicly (King Tim The Third) Signed the 1st dance record to Tommy Boy and was there when Queen Latifah was signed. Your website is dope and reminiscent of a time you had to be there to understand. "Those were the days"


Trying to find DJ Carisma s who worked at CeSoir in the Village in Lower Manhattan, New York City


Trying to find DJ Carisma who used to

Eryk Koziolkowski

Thank you DJ Chips for all your time about history from 70s. You always respond to me about hip hop,disco history. Be bless. One love to music!

Jan Pawul - yahudeejay - Poland

I love this web and all history you published -

Jan Pawul - yahudeejay

I love this web !! It is great history on and rare materials. Respect to you man - great RESPECT. I'm far away land DJ but with you from early '70 (1970 in fact) ---

Gordon Beckles

It's nights at the Promoter Manor on Flatbush(? I believe) that inspired my transition from club kid to disc jockey.

I was a 17 year old kid from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who, (visiting with my father during summer breaks) ran into Tony Assoon (a high school friend originally from Bedford-Stuyvesant)...

...and after being invited out weekends to Promoter Manor, hearing/listening the awesome mixing skills of the DJs, and being amazed watching "real" Hustle dancing...

...I was completely changed. DJs there knew how to deconstruct what they heard in the music and KEEP A GROOVE!!!

Listening to the DJ flawlessly exit the first song on side 2 of Alex Costandinous' "Romeo and Juliet" album with "Give Me Love" by Cerrone TURNED ME OUT!!! HAHAHA

Changed my life. 😉 I went back to Toronto (with all the songs I heard at the "Manor" (and on WBLS), became a DJ from '77-'89, started teaching Ballroom and Latin (largely due to my love of Hustle dance...

...and at 63 years of age as I write this, my hands tremble, and my heart pounds as I remember the adventure that Promoter Manor (and New York clubs) was...

for a suburban kid from Toronto.

You folks had massive impact...

Damion Trent

Richochet Entertainment

James Smith

Smith Brothers--Nice Site
Glad to see your still doing it, Winston. Alllriiightttt!!!! James

Winston Sanders/Winston Collection

(continuation of Guest Blurb, Winston Sanders) per below...

...compiling picture book (160 pages/500 pictures) of Black folks intermingling, dancing, and theme parties, 1970-1980.
Title: THE WINSTON COLLECTION Godfather of the BLACK Disco Era 1970-1980 and beyond
Subtitle: A Historical chronicle of uncovered Party Photographs
Anticipated Release Date: December 2021

Kevin Tyree DJ Lord Jehovah!

Thanks for this platform, Chips! I'm interested in Flowers and Rays Maboya. What records were they playing. I heard that Flowers mixed the hell out of Brass Construction's "Get To The Point".

Winston Sanders

Promoter/Producer: Winston Sanders, Winston Collection a/k/a Godfather of Discos & Partys,, Disco Kings, The Stockholders and.... Nel Gwyns, Riverboart, Ruliing Class 1 and 11, Highest Peak in NJ, Booked (not all) but most of the DJ's you know and list. DJing and playing for senior homes and living in VEgas now and past 20years. Just hit 80 and still kicking! Sooooo happy I found you...Hope you holla soon (3/1/21) Yes! compiling picture of

Thank you for helping people get the information they need. Great stuff as always. Keep up the great work!!! 
Added: March 21, 2018     

Terry Dee (Tee K Production)
This site was so great to come across. I use to roll with Fantasia back in the days. I learn my craft from fantasia, took it south to NC and Va and rock, shocked and amazed crowds. Magic Mike and I started TK Production, he joined the army then DJ Sach, My brother Boogie Blast played under the name. I love to reminisce about those days so this site is now my go to for information especially because it represent the brooklyn djs and our contribution to music. 

Added: January 23, 2018      

Kenneth Opite
Very good site thank you!!!! 
Added: January 22, 2018      


Arleen Griffith
Harlem & Flatbush
What a wonderful tribute to our fantastic. In our lives! It's not often you hear the true story or see the real pictures of a bygone era such as this  
Thank you, DJ Chips. I love it! 

Added: September 5, 2017      


Andrea Prezioso
respect Man...thanks for those fabulous stories...the roots of the real Founding Fathers of the old-school movement...Flowers is the Man!!!! 

Added: May 8, 2016   


Tiny Love
....great info , great website , a True BROOKLYN DJ Legend and Missing Link to the East Coast FunkSoulDiscoHiphop Movement , Thank you for Archiving all this work , Great job !!!! 

Added: March 2, 2016      

Pete Nice
Chips- Much respect to you and all of the pioneers from Brooklyn. What you've done here preserving this history with your website is remarkable. Yourself,Fantasia,Flowers and the rest of the early mobile DJs in the borough were an inspiration and laid the groundwork for a whole new generation through the 80s and 90s. Keep up the good work! 

Added: February 17, 2016      


A. Victor Murray, III
Bklyn (Ft Greene) now Jersey

Great site. I'm (or was) Vee Jay the D.J. of the Raspberry Freeze, 85 W. 3rd St. in The Village. I remember working with the greats in the club. Grandmaster Flowers, Pete D.J. Jones, Ron Plummer, Maboya, and many more. The good DJ, had to have (male) groupies. It was the only way to carry in all the equipment you carried. 

Added: May 19, 2015   

Brooklyn, ENY
E-mail: Contact    Whats up man. Sending a shout out to an old school DJ. This is DJ/MC Prince from the Uptown Crew - 1979 thru 1983. The Uptown Crew consisted of DJ BoBo, creator; Disco 3 (the FatBoys when they went commercial), Stetsasonic, the Bad Boys, Sparkie Dee. Occasionally we got with Inner City Disco, the Sound Mechanics and Petes Caboose. Can't forget Unique Party Freaks from Queens. 
Added: May 23, 2013    


DJ Sleaze
Washington, DC
E-mail: Contact    Cool site. Glad to help you out with the tunes. Love the pic of Bohannon. The 10 min. bootleg vers of "Let's Start The Dance" was a signature song for me. It would set every place on fire when I played it. Keep on Keepin' on! 

Added March 18, 2013    


Dziurawe Sample
Much Respect For Dj Chips and his contribution in Dj Culture in early days. Glad to see old pix and hear Mixtape by Fantasia from 1978.

RIP all Unsung Heroes!

Added: February 26, 2013


Reginald Henry
Brooklyn USA New York
Good to have this Guestbook back on the air ?  

Added February 25, 2013  


Washington, DC
History is being lost on a daily basis and without a site like this, it will be gone forever. It is our obligation to chronicle one of the most amazing times not only in American musical history, but on a global scale as well. The birth of hip hop was a process -- each as important as the next.

Thank you for this amazing resource of a page! 
Added February 19, 2013

Rasheen Dubar
Promoters, Town Hill II, et
This is one of the greatest pieces of informative history of that era. Congratulations on a Job well done. I continue to be your friend and associate. Our time together in the wonderful world of our youth was great. Promoters Manor, Town Hill II, Ecstasy, New Breed, Orpheus, Blue Maze, etc….I thank you for all that wonderful enjoyment you and countless others provided to our world and our times so great. And for those like Grandmaster Flowers may they rest in peace also knowing that they are not forgotten. Most Sincerely Yours

Prof. Harvey Elwood, Jr. (Retired) 

Added August 11, 2010


Rockaway Beach
The group Fantasia was a personal best for me. We invited them to play at several events in the Rockaways. Those were the days when dancing in the streets was happenin'. Fantasia also played at my Eli Whitney's Senior Prom (class of 1977)! It was the bomb! Curtis was not just one of the Dj's, he was also a prom date. We had a ball.   
Added July 13, 2010


Cheryl Watson-Harris
From: Brokklyn
Congrats on this!!! 
Added: June 17, 2010

Added May 24, 2010


dj vol.p (bk's prince)
i loved da classic set 2 thumbs up mr.b from mr.pratt one love o.g 
Added May 5, 2010  


Iris Moreland-DuPont
Maryland via New Jersey
Cuz, this is fabulous, now my question to you is, how were you involved? It feels so good to go back in the day when you actually grooved. I loved that era, the music, clothes, dances. I can go on and on and on. 
Added January 31, 2010


Ms. Baby Love
E-mail: Contact    MC Ms. Baby Love

Thanks for this site, We are currently working on the Movie, MC Ms. Baby Love ,The first female MC/DJ rising from Brooklyn. Big up to the old school crews, Dj Scooter Love, Dance Masters, Carisma (Bruce) Funk R.I.P. TJ Swann Mele n Barry
First Circle, Chango n the boyz
If you have any footage, pics, e us. Mayb the director will edit it in! 
Added January 19, 2010


South Bronx origibally
Those were my dancing days! I grew up in the South Bronx, and we had our own "d.j.s". It was good clean fun - music was pumpin' to dance to. Thanks for bringing back memories.  
Added January 18, 2010  


DJ Paradigm
Quite a bit of history here....This clarifies a lot of misinformation about the DJ scene in Brooklyn. Although I was a bit too young to enjoy the scene back then, I do remember the legendary DJ Frankie D jamming in the park at Lafayette Gardens backing the late 70s. 

What gave Brooklyn a different vibe, unlike any other part of America I will say, was the mix of Southern culture and Caribbean culture, However, I do recall that some in the African-American community was not really diggin the music from the Caribbean. (Take that jungle music off..some will say). However, it was the mix of Jazz, R&B, Reggae and Calypso that created the Brooklyn Sound (i.e. Brass Construction, Mandrill, BT Express, Crown Heights Affair)

  1. How powerful was the Sound System culture in Brooklyn in helping alleviate the sometimes riff between both communities?

  2. How many of these legendary DJs/Promoters were Caribbean or of Caribbean parentage? Names?

  3. Black men and the communal aspect of the Sound System culture. It took basically every brother on the block to move all that equipment. Nowadays DJs have become selfish in a way, and just carry a laptop and some CDs and do a gig at a club, leaving other brothers behind. 

Can anyone explain the social and communal benefits that it brought to brothers in the community? 
Added January 18, 2010  


From: Brooklyn
Harold, Y
ou did a great job of keeping the history alive. I'm loving it. We had good safe fun back in the day. Thank you for keeping memories alive. Love You! 
Added January 13, 2010 


dj Frankie-D
Much respect for the brooklyn legendary mobile dj,,i have flyers also where we played all over in the 70s 80s and the 90s,,better know as Frankie D from marcy,,,peace,,, 
Added December 23, 2009 


Junior(ainsley hinds)
Flatbush, Brooklyn
E-mail: Contact    Hey brother Harold I was a Plummer crew member along with Rob,Sedley,Pnut,Teddy,Mike Williams and I cannot tell you the fun we had during those Disco days.The mixes,The hustle dancing,The parties.My favorite spots were The PROMOTER,JIMMIES,DOWNTOWN LONGCHAMPS,THE BLUE MAZE,CLUB MY WAY,just to name a few.They don't do it like we use to do it.God bless you Brother for putting this site together.I am in Atlanta and I have alot of old school disco music from back in the day.That is what keep me going I don't listen to the radio.Peace and Love my Brother.Holla back at a Brother,I do remember you. 
Added December 9, 2009

"Smitty" Smith Brother
Westchester County, NY
Your site is off the hook. It took me back to the days when we was really "bangin" all over NY.
Are you in touch with Plummer, Moboya or Pete Jones ? Hit me back at my e-mail if you have any info on the whereabouts of other Old School DJ's, thanks 
Added: December 8, 2009


Elmo the magic Christian
Brooklyn USA
Great tribute. Still in touch with Winston of Winston Collection, Love Harris, M Morton and the like. Although I began over 10 yrs prior. I've got some flyers and radio spots with Frankie Crocker and Vy Higginsen etc. I can share once I transfer them to digital. You can find me on Facebook/mistamagic

Admin reply: Hi Elmo I couldn't find you on Facebook. Yes! Please send me what you would to put up on the site. We need to have a reunion bash. Our generation needs to hear good music again. My contact email is  
Added: November 19, 2009


Darryl D
NC via Brooklyn
Just happen to come across your site and wanted to take the time to say "thanks for the memories."
Carisma (Bruce) Funk lived in my building. I remember hearing the music coming from the basement. My god he lit that building up.......and nobody cared. R.I.P. Bruce.

Darryl D 
Added: November 15, 2009


Tony Iniguez
Boyle Heights in Los Angeles
Hi, just wanted to say this is a wonderful site. I know my hunch was right and i should have visited Brookly, right after graduation back in '74. In enjoy the early DJ Culture. Love you photographs of the early Mobile DJ.

Is there a way i can get a copy of the photo image on your web site of an overview shot of the  DJ's Table, showing his turntable, mixer, i believe you title is " cover up". I was a DJ in high school, playing music from my cassette player,and turntable during lunchtime and after school. My biggest grooves, that got people dancing on their way to class,or favorite hangout at school , was Aretha Franklin's Rock Steady and Steve Wonder's " Inner Vision LP. Anyway continue the story and best wishes to your posse and family. Sincerely, Tony Iniguez. PS, Do you sell and audio recording of your music mix from back then on Cassett of other? Thanks 
Added: November 13, 2009    


Ron Plummer
Originally NY - Queens
Nice expose of old memories. Probably time for a reunion. I spoke to Pete about a year ago, QJ a couple of months ago and stay in contact with Sedley, and members of the crew. 
Anyone still in contact with Action Jackson?

Admin reply: Ron it was great to have you sign the guestbook. I'm glad I saved all these artifacts, because people didn't believe me when I said I was a bonifide DJ>LOL. I had this web site idea in my mind for a while. I wanted people to know about the mobile side of DJing and the pioneers of our generation. We had it going on back then. It was the love for creating GOOD music for the crowd.  
Added: November 2, 2009 


Arleen G.
From: "The City", NY
What a wonderful collection of memories! Oh, do I remember those good ole days! Battles of the DJ's and all. 
The Promoter Manor was my main hangout, but of course we visited all the other clubs of the day, too.
Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful memories. 

Admin reply: Hi thank you for signing the guestbook. Glad the site brings you good memories. It was definitely the best dance party decade.  
Added: October 13, 2009 


Joyce Beckles-Knights
Hey Harold, I'm impressed! Big Things are Happening Here. LOL. I'm wishing you all the best with your endeavors. 
Added: October 12, 2009 


AWwwwwww right now, it's time to Par'tah! 
CONGRATS BRO.....Hersch 
Added: October 6, 2009 


Hi, Harold....Found the site very interesting and unique to say the least....Bravo, once again...Your BS friend....   
Added: September 30, 2009


Reg Henry
Good job again in keeping a record of our history here within Brooklyn for all to see. History is like fine wine.. it ages well with time! Keep the History alive so that it may continue to age!! Reg Henry 
Added: September 28, 2009

Anita Taylor
Brooklyn, NY
I am so glad that we have reconnected a lost friendship. 1976 was a memorable and unforgettable year for me. I turned 18, could drink & go to the club legally. I voted for the 1st time, and I met Fantasia. So glad that you and your crew were part of my life. 
Always There,

Added: September 28, 2009      


Rich Cole
Brooklyn, but now in Maryland
Yo HB, I'm glad for you, knowing you just a little I bet you got a youngin in trainin. You was Fantasia before she was. I gotta give you a call. Once again Congrats on all this!! 

Added: September 22, 2009      


Nekia Foster
Thanks chips for this website!! 

Added: September 22, 2009      

Lynette Bowen
Brooklyn, New York
DJ's back in the days - this is something to treasure. Its a time when a party was fun, however these days cannot compare to the ones we enjoyed back in the 70s and DJs like you sure left an impression in our hearts. Keep up the good work.
LB from Bklyn 

Added: September 22, 2009      


Sydney G
Wow! This brings back mad memories, yo. I used to hang out at the Promoter Manor. Fantasia had it going on. What sound system they had in there.  

Added: September 17, 2009


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